Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Europeans...

Although the UK likes to pretend that Europe is a place far, far away, it is still - geographically speaking - European. Thus, here are some European public-transport seat covers.

Regional train between Erkelenz and Aachen. First class.

If you're geeky enough to check with a previous post of mine, you can see that it is the same as the seat cover on our usual double decker train to Düsseldorf - but in blue instead of greeny-grey. I think it's nicer, despite my usual antipathy to blue.

Next up: the ICE which we took between Aachen and Brussels (but all the ICE trains are the same). Again, first class, baby!

And now for the hottest, sexiest train of them all (excepting the now defunct Metropolitan) - The Eurostar. First class.

And now... the World Famous London Underground. I hope you appreciate these, as I braved London Underground Passenger Stares to get these to you.

The Picadilly Line - Monday, 11th October 2010

The District Line - Tuesday, 12th October 2010

Victoria Line - Thursday 14th October 2010

and finally... Central Line - Thursday 14th October 2010

But before I go, we took a couple of tubes from the Westminster station. It's very deep and reminded me of something from Metropolis.

Somebody out there must know somebody who knows somebody who designs these appallingly ugly seat covers. I'd really like to hear from that person, because I can't - even in my wildest imaginings (and I have a very wild imagination) - I simply can't understand why they want us to look at these seats each day. Unless they are trying to chase us off public transport and into our cars?


Drake Sigar said...

That’s the ticket. If you gotta travel, go in style.

Rory In Wellington said...

I think we've hit a new low (high?) in geekiness.

Sho said...

and yet, Rory... you keep coming back