Saturday, 16 July 2011

Berlin, Berlin

As if to prove myself wrong (that I'm not a geeky transpotter) here's a cute train we saw at some S-bahn station (on the way to a fabby and marvy John Mellencamp gig)

Unfortunately, we weren't travelling on that one, which I think was either a sleeper train or it had been converted to a restaurant or something. We went on something that had seats that looked like this.

I have two more seat covers to show you  but since the internet doesn't want to play - we all have that to look forward to. Yaayy.


Rory In Wellington said...

Yaay! Seat covers!

Bel said...

But where are they?

Sho said...

for some reason I couldn't upload them so I'll have to give it a go later.
but there are other posts with seat covers (none of which are as snazzy as the ones Rory sent from NZ)