Sunday, 18 August 2013

A touch of déja vu? Here we go again.

And here we go again! 4 years after the sad demise of Super Punto, the replacement car (the not so super, but totally huge Octavia) died on us. Followed a few months later by our other car, an 8 year old Golf Plus. It requires rather a lot of work, which will cost rather a lot of money, so while it is in the VW garage it's back to the bike-train-bus combo for me.

Luckily, probably, my office has moved from the difficult-to-reach Willich to the twice-as-far-away Ratingen West (near Düsseldorf airport). The upside is that there is a direct train (one of the double-decker jobbies) to Düsseldorf. The downside is that from there I have to take local stopping train followed by a bus. As before the last bus from our town to my village is at 18:00 so in order to be sure of getting home, I have to get to our station on my trusty bike.

I may or may not resume regular blogging. I'm not sure about sharing seat covers - it depends how splendid they are. I did, however, find something else that interests me. So: watch this space.

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