Wednesday, 18 August 2010

333,333 reasons that the Punto is prefixed with "Super"

Here it is. Evidence, if you will, that I need:

a) to get out more
b) to photograph all my sets of wheels if I'm going to blog about them in future.

As I don't have any photos of SuperPunto, here's one I took earlier. It is the milometer and it speaks for itself. Indeed, explains the whole "super" part of the SuperPunto epithet.

Technical details: I could see, of course, that this was coming up, and did hugely complicated feats of maths (yes, I didn't do well in my maths A-level, alebit back when they were difficult) to make sure that I wouldn't be on the Autobhan with no chance of stopping when it came round.

The day dawned. I arrived at the car park at work with around 20kms to go. At lunchtime I drove to the rather fabby and marvy (and, indeed, spiffy) RealFuturestore - The Best Supermarket In The Whole Of Germany. Close, but no cigar.

That meant, slow driving around the less populated areas of the car park still didn't get the result I wanted. A trip down the small road to Aldi was necessary. I got very very close, so I drove around a small sliproad a few times.

By now I was absolutely sure that anyone around (and there were quite a few) would be calling the police by now. And then, LO! and BEHOLD! I saw the numbers turning, pulled sharply into one of those parking spaces that you get at the sides of some roads and this photograph is the result.

Make sure you are sitting down for this...

So, do you think I should have tried to sell this to the FIAT museum rather than send the car to the crusher?


Anonymous said...

Wow to the third to you and the Punto.

Sho, how come I only now found your blog? It is such a great read, so enjoyable. I hope you manage to keep up blogging, even with the shiny silver 8ctavia.


Sho said...

Glad you're enjoying it, Y. I think I may have mentioned that I'm blogging over at hootoo but I don't think I gave a link.

Always happy to find a happy reader!

Anonymous said...

I just found it, too. And well done - you've managed to pull off a remarkably interesting blog, given that it's all about sitting on the train! ;)


Sho said...

thanks, KB
I aim to please!

Anonymous said...

To Sho
I have been mightly otherwise pre-occupied, but have enjoyed your comments on travel.
With reference to the last seat cover, on Monday, 2nd August, it is the secret plans of a newly found second small blue planet for the Clangers! Do not tell ANYONE the location of this special place.

Witchy Woman

Sho said...

you just told the whole world...
But I'm sorely tempted now, to get a yellow highlighter and go on one of those buses and draw (discretely) some clangers on the seat covers...