Sunday, 1 August 2010

Day 19 - Friday, 30th July 2010

Friday on my mind

Today could have been a challenge but in the even it went very smoothly. In the mornings I've been getting on the train at the back so there isn't so far to walk when I get to Anrath. Lazy, I know. It was chilly this morning which meant that I got my fleece out for the first time since winter.

I also, for the first time since I started cycling, I called in at the bakery for a coffee on my way to the station. Feeling like a real commuter, well a commuter from film or TV, I sipped at the coffee and waited for the train. Which was punctual. In the name of research I started photographing the seat covers today - which seemed to amuse my fellow travellers.

They were, in fact, an amusing bunch today. One chappie was trying to engage people in conversation and offering them winegums. Typically, everyone refused and tried not to meet his eye.

Coming home arranged to get a lift with my colleague again as it was month-end and I wasn't sure what time I'd get out of the office. As it happened we got out of the office early. 'Early' for month-end, that is. For a Friday, gone 6pm is pretty yukky.

For the record I also photographed the bus seat-covers and during next week there will be enlightenment.


Anonymous said...

Were you not excited at the thought of your two daughters returning home today?
I am surprised

Anonymous said...

What colour anarak are you wearing? Does it have a hood?

Linda said...

I would have found it hard to resist a black winegum!

Sho said...

I was very excited about the return of the Gruesome Twosome from their travels and timed it so that I got home just before them even though it was the Dreaded Month End.

My anorack is, of course, a fetching shade of pink.

I'd have accepted a winegum but the swine didn't get as far back in the carriage as me. Pfui.

allsubstance0)(At)( said...

What's a winegum? allsubstance

Sho said...

Winegums are kind of like gummi-bears, but bigger and not bear shaped. They're supposed to have wine in them (but I don't think they do). So the really dark red/black ones are supposed to have port in them, red ones have red-wine, white ones have white wine...
I love them.