Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day 16 - Tuesday, 27th July 2010

Train whistle blowing...

This morning was lovely, a little bit chilly - enough that I put my cardigan on to cycle to the station. And the rest of the journey was textbook timing on the part of the trains and buses.

The trip back. Well, I've realised that I've generally said that the return journey works. But actually, it doesn't work as it should: not the way the timetable says it should. The first bus, the 71, is invariably 5 minutes late. Which means that I watch my next bus, the 87B, whizzing past us as we pull in to the bus stop. Tonight I was cruelly close to catching the 87B - I was about 20 metres behind it when it pulled away from the stop.


Luckily the next one comes 10 minutes later, but the 20 minute wait at the station really bugs me. We have a lot to do this week in the evenings and getting home at just gone seven (I have to be in bed by 10pm or I'd never get up) isn't helping much. Still I'm getting a lot of reading done - even if this week's book is such a brain scrambler I have to read every page twice and stop and stare out of the window every few minutes to try to understand what it is I'm reading. [E=mc² (and why should we care?) by Prof Brian Cox and Prof Jeff Forshaw]


Gnomon said...

I'm really glad that I don't have to sleep much. I regularly get about 5 to 6 hours sleep.

Sho said...

I'm jealous of that! I can operate for a week or so with little sleep, but then I can't do all the things I need/want to do.

Sho said...

posted too early... I can't do those things because I'm like a zombie.

Generally I prefer not to be doing those things because I don't have time to do them.

If that makes any sense at all?