Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 8 - Thursday, 15th July 2010

Nothing to see here, move along please

Despite the storms yesterday which have rendered several hundred kilometers of track useless, my train was just about on time today. I knew that because I looked at the Deutsche Bahn website and, because I absolutely don't trust it, I persisted with the hotline until I managed to speak to a nice young man about my train. Indeed, he reassured me, it's running a couple of minutes late, but it will make that up by the time you get to your stop.

In the event when we got to Viersen, which is the stop before mine, I lost my nerve and got off there. It meant I got to work about 25 minutes later than planned, but if I'd gone for my double-bus combo and missed it I would have been waiting at least an hour.

Coming home my journey was only made later by someone wanting me to do some work, how cheeky, so instead of doing my morning journey in reverse, I did the one where i have to wait 20 minutes at a middle bus stop. I had a little snigger as we passed Donk - as usual - then spent a nice 20 minutes sitting in a cool, shady bus stop reading my book.

How boring!


GateGipsy said...

why did you think that you'd not make it on time?

Anonymous said...

I hate waiting for public transport, Sho. Thank the goddess I no longer have to do that.

Magwitch (Me? Ho yus! )

Sho said...

Gip - the bus at the end of my train journey to work isn't a connecting bus so it doesn't wait. Then the next bus after that also doesn't wait. And they only run hourly after 08:00. So rather than miss the bus and get to work more than half an hour late, I decided to arrive 20 or so minutes later than usual but still before the 9am latest start time.

Magwitch - I don't mind as long as it's not either so cold I can't feel my face or so wet I can't read my book. But my car fund is coming along nicely now so I don't think that it will be too much longer. Maybe the parts of August when I'm working and then maybe a bit of September.

Time will tell!

magwitch said...

:fingerscrossed: for car fund.

I prefered walking to work rather than working to someone else's timetable.

It used to take me 6mins and 42 seconds to get from my front door to the door of work. (I always played Kingdom of Loss by Pain of Salvation on my way in and knew exactly where I had to pick up the pace if I'd fallen behind :silly:)


Sho said...

if I walked, I'd get there maybe by the time it was time to turn around and walk back!