Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 2 - Wednesday, 7th July 2010

I'd wised up a bit by Wednesday morning. That meant that instead of running around like a mad thing making packed lunches I merely took the pre-prepared ones out of the fridge.

But somehow I seemed to leave 5 minutes later than the planned 06:45 and so there was another session of mad pedalling but it all went well and this time the wised-up me got on the right train, grabbed a seat and settled into my book as though I'd been doing this for years.

In order to keep to the meticulous schedule that I'd downloaded from those kind people at Deutsche Bahn, I walked over to the correct bus stop (to do it in 3 minutes I'd have had to walk on my hands or something). After 5 minutes of waiting I was starting to get cros, and a little worried that I'd miss my connection. This particular bus only runs once an hour so it would make me seriously late. To add to my annoyance my mobile phone was out of juice, so there was nothing for itt but to wait. And then, of course, the bus turned up and I made my connection and everything seemed to be running like clockwork.

The return trip went well, which meant that all the buses arived on time, and I got my trains as scheduled. The return trip is 2 buses and 2 trains and the bike. The 2nd train was one of those funky double deckers but it was really full and I had to stand. It's a bit of a trial because my stop is the 2nd one, but for the first stop the platform is on the other side and the only place to stand is by the door... there was a lot of shuffling and pushing but as the train pulled out of the station I carried out a surrepticious limb check and I appeared to have everything still.

This time instead of heading home I had to stop at Aldi to pick up some groceries. Only having the two baskets, both full of my daily necessaries, really concentrated my mind, shopping wise which was good. I'm hoping that the grocery bills will come down while we slowly eat our way through our store cupboard and chest freezer. In the latter I am pretty sure there is some frozen beetroot that our neighbour gave us. The problem being that the neighbour was at our old place, and we've lived in this one for more than ten years. Hmmmm.

Luckily there was football on TV (Germany getting knocked out of the World Cup by Spain in the semi-final) and so it wasn't a toil getting the next day's lunches ready.

Collapsed in a heap in bed about 30 seconds after the Gruesome Twosome went to bed. I'm also going to be saving money on electricity since I'm not going to be watching TV or messing around on the 'net.

The Yorkshirewoman in me approves of all this money saving!


J said...

hi Sho, this is fun!

Sho said...

Actually - it is (more the travelling than the writing, hehe)

German Trains & Buses appear to be now settling down and reinforcing their reputation for promptness so I may have to start writing about the other commuters...

Linda said...

10 year old beetroot? Now THAT'S hoarding!

Sho said...

haha - the question is: do I feed it to my children or not?