Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day 17 - Wednesday, 28th July 2010

Speak up, love, there are a few people in the first carriage who can't quite hear you...

It's still warm enough to cycle without a cardigan, but I took one as a precaution - along with my not-rainproof jacket due to the forecast of heavy rain. It was a pleasant journey and I caught myself saying good morning to three of the four herons that hang out in our village. The Big Brown Slugs are out in force causing me to swerve around them all because I really don't want mashed slug on my Shiny New Bike.

As I rode over the bridge into town a baby rabbit tried to race me - no hope mister rabbit, I've got 21 gears... zooommmm!

We stood around on the platform waiting for the train doing that morning commuter thing of not looking directly at anyone, twenty people looking in twenty different directions. Suddenly everyone was directing their weary morning gaze at a young woman who was dashing to the platform shouting nearly hysterically into her phone. The person on the end of the line was her mother it seemed, the girls's life apparently falling apart she got louder and louder and more hysterical. But she was rushing around so much, up and down the stairs, into and out of the tunnel until the train came and she abruptly shut off her phone.

It was better than EastEnders! But nobody knows how it panned out. I hope she's okay, I really hate to see anyone cry like that.

The rest of the journey, of course went like clockwork. As I sat on the first bus I took note of the location and name of all the stops. My plan was that on the return trip I'd get off the number 71 bus opposite the ARAL petrol station and walk, briskly, to the next stop along - where I could hopefully catch my next bus instead of seeing it retreating into the distance. And if I missed it, well, I'd be no worse off than if I'd missed it at the other stop, since the 38 also stops there.

Of course, on the return journey I totally forgot about that plan and yet again found myself staring at the retreating back end of the 87B bus. Drat again.

Still, it didn't rain (until much later when I was nearly home, and even then it wasn't much - so yah boo sucks to that) so I scrambled more of my brain trying to understand even a bit of my book. When this is finished I've promised myself some Jeeves and Wooster as a reward.


Linda said...

Hope you enjoy Jeeves and Wooster!

Sho said...

More than I'm enjoying working out why you can't use regular Pythagoras in bendy space...