Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day 9 - Friday, 16th July 2010

Absolutely nothing of note to report timetable wise for either journey.


However, the bus I caught (the SB87) to Anrath Kirche, which is the first bus after my train on the way to work, was very strange. It had a very wide aisle.

Which would be okay, for things like Pushchairs and Wheelchairs. But the reason it was wide was that the seats were only big enough for 1.5 people. That is: one person could sit next to the window, and then the next person could perch on the remainder of the seat with one buttock.

So, were they designed for very slim people (or children) or quite wide people. After all, some of the people I see on the buses would fit one of these seats very well.

It's a mystery.


Anonymous said...

How come no mention of both daughters winging their merry little way over to U.K.?

Bad Mummy!

from yours

Sho said...

Because this blog is all about me, fabulous wonderful me. And my buses.
But it does have to be said that the Gruesome Twosome with more or less all their bags got to the airport by train. Which was on time and stayed on time.