Monday, 2 August 2010

Day 20 - Monday, 2nd August 2010

I woke up this morning... got out of bed...

This week the Gruesome Twosome are at home with their dad who has a week off, so I decided to take advantage of our new hours at work (7am~4pm) in the hope of getting home an hour earlier.

Which meant that 05:00 ("what does the '0' stand for?" - yep "Oh my god it's early!") saw me falling out of bed and into the shower in the vain hope of waking myself up enough to cycle to the station. Actually, it wasn't as hard as I'd anticipated and at 05:45 I was on the Shiny New Bike, with my Shiny New Lights working away, zipped into my fleece and pedalling away.

The first thing that struck me is that it was very very quiet, but that as I cycled down the endless road to the next village I was overtaken by six cars - usually when I go an hour later it's a maximum of two. The next thing I noticed was that there were an awful lot of crows around, but almost no other birds. I think the herons have gone since I haven't seen them for a while, but there was a huge buzzard in that field today so that might have something to do with their absence.

The other thing I noticed, sitting on the steps to the door of the flat behind the Greek restaurant in town, was what looked like the owner, rather the worse for wear. He waved as I cycled past and I couldn't help but wonder how long he'd been there.

I had time to stop for a coffee from a kiosk opposite the station, and the rest of the journey went like clockwork. Just the same as every day but with fewer people - presumably because it was so early. The journey home, typically, was messed up by the 71 bus being very late, too late for me to even think about walking to the next stop in the hope of catching the 87. So I waited at the stop for the 38 and read a goodly chunk of my Jeeves and Wooster book.

And now to the exciting part of the blog.

I've been assiduously photographing the seat covers on bus and train, usually to the bemusement of my fellow passengers. If I can work out how to upload them, they will be in a blog post all of their own especially for the poster to my previous blog entry who called me an anorak. Indeed.


evie said...

Well i think there were no people on bikes because it was soooooooooooooooooo early :D
And the cars it'S the holidays and peolple might be catching flights :D
the crow
for them i have no explenation

Sho said...

Do you know what the crows were pecking at? Empty McDonalds bags.
they were all over the road.

Rory In Wellington said...

I'm sure I didn't say "anorak". Maybe I just hinted at waterproof outerwear...;-)

Sho said...

maybe it wasn't you...
;) there was a comment on a previous blog post asking what colour my anorak is...

The McDonalds bags have multiplied which is disturbing. Although last week I did see a McDonalds employee nearly 1km from the actual place picking up the McD litter. Which is good. I've always thought they should put McD bins about 1km from the actual outlet to account for the takeout people.